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Important Information for the 2014 Tax Season

Upcoming Important Dates
Date Event
February 2, 2015 Forms 1099R and 1099Q are released
February 16, 2015 Form 1099 and details are released
April 15, 2015 2014 Traditional & Roth IRA contribution
April 15, 2015 IRS Tax filing deadline for tax year 2014
April 30, 2015 Form 5498-ESA Released (Coverdell ESAs)
May 31, 2015 Form 5498 Released (IRA Accounts)
Contribution limits


Below 50 yrs. old:   $5,500
50 yrs. and older:   $6,500


Below 50 yrs. old:   $5,500
50 yrs. and older:   $6,500

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