Options Guide

Index Options - Part 5

Refer to this index options list at Firstrade to see what is available, conduct research, and develop your options trading strategy. Start trading and investing at Firstrade when you open a personal investment account today.

Symbol Name
BTK Biotechnology Index
CMR Morgan Stanley Consumer Index
CRX Morgan Stanley Commodity Related Equity Index
CYC Morgan Stanley Cyclical Index
CZH China Index
DDX Disk Drive Index
DFI Defense Index
DRG Pharmaceutical Index
DXE Deutsche Bank Energy Index
DXS Spade Defense Index
HKO Hong Kong Option Index
HUI Gold BUGS Index
IIX Inter@ctive Week Internet Index
JPN Japan Index
MID S&P MidCap 400 Index
MML Mini-NDX Long-Dated Options
MNX Mini-NDX Index
MOX Morgan Stanley Internet Index
MSH Morgan Stanley High-Technology 35 Index
NBI Nasdaq Biotechnology
NDX NASDAQ-100 Index
XAL Airline Index
XBD Securities Broker/Dealer Index (The)
XCI Computer Technology Index
XMI Major Market Index
XNG Natural Gas Index (The)
XOI Oil Index
  Interest Rate Options
CYX CBOE China Index
DJR Dow Jones REIT Index
DJX Dow Jones Industrial Average
DTX Dow Jones Transportation Average
DUX Dow Jones Utility Average
DXL Jumbo DJX Index
ECM Dow Jones Internet Commerce Index
EOR CBOE Euro 25 Index
EXQ CBOE Exchange Index
EYR CBOE Asia 25 Index
GHA GSTI Hardware Index
GIN GSTI Internet Index
GIP GSTI Multimedia Networking Index
GOX CBOE Gold Index
GSM GSTI Semiconductor Index
GSO GSTI Software Index
GTC GSTI Composite Index
INX CBOE Internet Index
JXA, JXB, JXD, JXZ Short-term S&P 500 Index
MEX Mexico Index
MGO Morgan Stanley Oil Services
MML Mini-NDX Long-Dated Options
MUT Dow 10 Index
MVB Morgan Stanley Biotech
MVR Morgan Stanley Retail
NDX NASDAQ-100 Index
OEX S&P 100 Index (OEX)
OIX CBOE Oil Index
PFU CBOE PowerPacks Pharmaceutical Index
POQ CBOE PowerPacks Telecom Index
POU CBOE PowerPacks Gold Index
POY CBOE PowerPacks Oil Index
PVC CBOE PowerPacks Technology Index
PVF CBOE PowerPacks Iron & Steel Index
PVK CBOE PowerPacks Bank Index
PVL CBOE PowerPacks Internet Index
PVO CBOE PowerPacks Oil Services Index
PVP CBOE PowerPacks BioTech Index
PVU CBOE PowerPacks Semiconductor Index
RPY CBOE PowerPacks Retail Index
RAG Russell 3000 Growth Index
RAV Russell 3000 Value Index
RDG Russell MidCap Growth Index
RLG Russell 1000 Growth Index
RLV Russell 1000 Value Index
RMC Russell MidCap Index
RMN Mini-Russell 2000 Index Options
RMV Russell MidCap Value Index
RUA Russell 3000 Index
RUI Russell 1000 Index
RUJ Russell 2000 Value Index
RUO Russell 2000 Growth Index
RUT Russell 2000 Index
RVX CBOE Russell 2000 Volatility Index
RZA, RZB, RZD, RZE Short-term S&P 100 Index
SML S&P SmallCap 600 Index
SPL S&P 500 Index - Long-Term
SPX S&P 500 Index (SPX)
TXX CBOE Technology Index
VIX CBOE Volatility Index
VXN CBOE Nasdaq - 100 Volatility Index
XEO S&P 100 Index European
XSP Mini-SPX Index
BKX PHLX/KBW Bank Sector Index
DFX PHLX Defense Sector
DOT TheStreet.com Internet Sector
EPX SIG Oil Exploration & Production Index
FSQ SIG Footware & Athletics Index
HAI Hapoalim American Israeli Index
HGX PHLX Housing Sector
KIX KBW Insurance Index
KRX KBW Regional Bank Index
KSX KBW Capital Markets Index
MFX KBW Mortgage Finance Index
OSX PHLX Oil Service Index
RSQ SIG Specialty Retail Index
RXS PHLX Drug Sector
SCP SIG Coal Producers Index
SCQ SIG Cable, Media & Entertainment Index
SDL SIG Semiconductor Device Index
SEZ SIG Semiconductor Capital Equipment Index
SGV SIG Casino Gaming Index
SMQ SIG Investment Managers Index
SOX PHLX Semiconductor Sector Index
STQ SIG Steel Producers Index
UTY PHLX Utility Sector Index
WHC WellSpring Bio-Clinical Trials
XAU PHLX Gold and Silver Sector Index
XDB World Currency Options on the British Pound
XDE World Currency Options on The Euro
XEH PHLX World Energy Index
XEX PHLX Europe Sector Index

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