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The OIC's videos on advanced options strategies can help you become informed before investing and trading. Learn advanced concepts for how options trading works in these videos. This information covers basic investment knowledge including implied volatility and its relation to profit/loss, exercising for the dividend, and adjusting positions after a big underlying move.

Volatility for Options Investors

Options Industry Coincil (OIC) instructor Todd Wilemon of NYSE Arca delves into the topic of volatility and its significance to the options investor through this discussion on the three types of volatility: historical, implied and expected, Todd explains how each compares with one another, what happens when it is changing, and how it can impact option pricing.

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Implied Volatility & Profit/Loss

OIC instructor Alan Grigoletto of BOX discusses implied volatility as it relates to historical and expected volatility.

Discover how implied volatility can affect the profit and loss of your options positions. Gain a better understanding about how changing implied volatility's effect on options prices can be quantified through the concept of Vega, one of the Greeks.

You'll also be introduced to the generally-expected behavior of implied volatility in today's market and how to prepare yourself to take advantage of its changing levels.

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Exercising for the Dividend with Dan Sheridan and Alan Grigoletto

Join Dan Sheridan of Sheridan Options Mentoring and Alan Grigoletto of the BOX Options Exchange as they discuss this exercising for the dividend. Listen to Dan and Alan explain the dividend process and provide practical guidelines on when investors should exercise their call options in order to capture dividends. They explain why professionals have a distinct advantage in capturing dividends and why the retail client needs to examine both the costs and risks associated with options exercise. Dan and Alan share practical examples and personal experiences to bring light to this often misunderstood topic.

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Market Data

In this webcast, join Dan Sheridan of Sheridan Options Mentoring, for a lively discussion of implied volatility as it relates to your expectations for profit vs. loss in two situations. First, Dan will give an example of a time spread on a well-known index taken from mid-May, and the effect of typical summer volatility behavior on its profitability. Second, using past announcements by a well-known tech stock, Dan will make observations on trading earnings reports, and the surprises you might expect with respect to options price behavior. Take this opportunity to learn how you might avoid typical implied volatility traps—seasonal and situational.

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Dealing With a Down Market

Dan Sheridan of Sheridan Options Mentoring discusses the importance of having a strategy to follow when the market is down. Using a real-life, historical example of Russell 2000® Index options, you will hear ideas on how to adjust your position after a big underlying move. Learn Dan's tried and true tips for survival in a volatile market.

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What's Happening in the Market with Dan Sheridan — February 2008

In this latest offering from the OIC, Dan Sheridan of Sheridan Options Mentoring discusses two ways to protect unrealized stock profits from a declining market, using real-life, historical examples. You will also hear Dan's ideas on adjusting a time spread that has taken a turn for the worse in a down market.

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What's Happening in the Market with Dan Sheridan — October 2008

Dan Sheridan takes a look at third quarter 2008, a period of uncertainty characterized by extraordinarily high volatility. Dan will discusses real-life examples of increased implied volatility levels investors have had to contend with, as well as how this volatility impacts the risk vs. reward profiles of certain specific option strategies.

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