Options Guide

Beginner II

Learn more beginner concepts about equity call options and more in these videos.

Buying Equity Calls

OIC Instructor Aubree Greenspun of NASDAQ OMX PHLX discusses the mechanics of buying equity call options and explains some of the benefits and trade-offs. Using a long call scenario as an example, Aubree details how the long call can perform in certain market situations and the impact of time and volatility.

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The Psychology of Trading

The Options Industry Council is proud to present its latest webcast: the Psychology of Trading. In this webcast, OIC instructor Amy Farnstrom of NYSE Arca teaches you the key points about what makes a great trader, including: commitment to excellence, mastery of emotions, probabilistic thinking, understanding and ability to control one’s own thought processes, staying in the moment, and executing a trading plan without fail.

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Exchange Traded Funds

In this webcast, OIC Instructor Dan Passarelli of the Chicago Board Options Exchange explains that ETF options provide a wide array of opportunities to act on your broad market or sector forecasts. Bullish on Internet stocks? Bearish on the retail sector? Think the broad market is going nowhere? Passerelli discusses how you can position yourself for a potential profit, with only one trade and the controlled risk that options can offer. Covered ETF call options and cash-secured ETF puts are also discussed.

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Equity Options Expiration

Marty Kearney of the Chicago Board Options Exchange gives an overview of equity option expiration. Clarify your understanding of expiration day itself, as well as "expiration Friday," the day before when an equity options last trade may be exercised. Learn about the mechanics and financial consequences of exercise and assignment, and which expiring equity options might be exercised automatically. Also, gain a better understanding of “Triple Witching Day” and the impact it can have on stock and option prices.

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Equity LEAPS Options

Join OIC Instructor Marty Kearney of the Chicago Board Options Exchange as he discusses Equity LEAPS® or Long-Term Equity AnticiPation Securities℠. During this webcast, he will describe what exactly is a LEAPS® option and how it compares to a regular term equity option. Marty will also explain buying a LEAPS® call as a stock alternative and then provide an example a protective LEAPS® put.

LEAPS® and Long Term Equity AnticiPation Securities℠ are trademarks of Chicago Board Options Exchange, Incorporated (Cboe).

Options Myths

You've probably heard that options trading is risky and only for the seasoned trader. Or that options traders lose money because most options contracts expire worthless. Now hear the real truth as OIC instructor Todd Wilemon dispels the myths that often deter investors from trading options. Investing in options is often less risky than investing in stocks and this webcast will explain why - along with other facts about options that may be shrouded in myths.

Next up is our collection of intermediate videos about options. Ready to get started trading equity call options? Open your account at Firstrade today!

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