Options Guide

Short and Long Term Strategies

Weekly℠ Options

While most options have a monthly expiration cycle, investors and traders are discovering the power of Weekly℠ Options, or “Weeklys ℠.” We take a look at the important differences and risks unique to Weeklys℠ Options for long and short term strategies.

LEAPS® Options Explained

Some investors think of options as a short-term instrument, but LEAPS options on stocks, indexes and ETFs have a timeframe that can approach two or more years! While LEAPS – which stands for Long-term Equity AnticiPation Securities® – are not available on every stock, index and ETF, they can be used for many of the more actively traded symbols. Join OIC guest instructor Marty Kearney as he discusses how many of the strategies you currently employ could be used for a longer-term outlook using LEAPS options.

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