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Starter Strategies & Concepts

Building an ETF Portfolio

More individual investors and advisors are turning to ETFs for diversified, low-cost and tax-efficient investing. Learn more about ETFs in this video.

ETF Trading Trends

Learn why ETFs are one of the fastest growing financial tools of all time. From a dead start 20 years ago, they now boast more than $2 trillion in assets and have more money than all hedge funds combined. In this webinar, learn how to take advantage of the success of ETFs and see what it means for your future. Plus get the inside track on top ETF trends, including:

  • Smart Beta, Alternatives and More
  • Robo Advisors and What They Mean to ETF investors
  • Direct Indexing, Fintech and Other Emerging Trends

How Are Options Priced?

What’s more important than the actual option price in your options portfolio? Not much. In this webinar, learn about the forces that both generate your option prices and make them move. He’ll also go over the impact of pricing factors on your various option strategies – and make time for some of your questions.

How Do Options Work?

When you’re just starting on your options journey, the core concepts and the terminology can seem daunting – but they’re not necessarily complicated. Watch this 60-minute session for a clear starting point on your options education.

Bullish and Bearish Options

Learn about bullish and bearish options trading strategies from options exchange experts at CBOE, Nasdaq, and NYSE. Get their take on how trading strategies for options and ETFs.

How to Hedge Options Risk

Sometimes, the best investing strategy is a good defense. In this webinar, learn how defensive option strategies that can offer some protection for your portfolio. He’ll take a look at puts, calls and different spreads types, analyzing how these positions work and whether they’re done for debits or credits. Most importantly, you’ll get to know if they’re for you.

Top 5 ETF Options Trading Strategies

Does your ETF have options? With more than 500 optionable ETFs to choose from, learn about potential ways to protect ETF gains and limit losses with options. ETF options strategies can be used to limit your downside risk and to generate income in up,down and sideways markets. Joe Burgoyne, Director of Retail Education from The Options Industry Council, will show you how.

Starter Strategies and Concepts

Since every options strategy has a different profile of risk and reward, which ones might suit you best? OIC’s one-hour webinar, hosted by instructor Joe Burgoyne, looks at best- and worst-case scenarios for some common strategies.

8 Essential Options Concepts

How can you use options as a risk management tool to protect your portfolio against market risks? In this Beginner's Guide To Options video, you'll learn about 8 essential options concepts to get you started with trading options.

The Collar Strategy

Want to learn how you can protect your investment from downside risk for little to no cost? This video will introduce you to the collar, a strategy that can be used to cover underlying assets such as stocks and ETFs.

How to Trade Put Options

If you think a stock or ETF's price is headed down, a long put could be a profitable strategy. The long put is a limited risk options strategy that gives you the right to sell shares of the underlying asset at a set price. Learn the basics of how put options work and how you can incorporate them into your trading strategy. About the series: Get an in depth understanding of basic options trading strategies and core concepts.

Covered Combo

If you think a stock is heading sideways, a covered combo is a strategy that can enhance the return of a traditional covered call. A covered combo is where you sell an out of the money call and put on top of your long position in the stock. Learn how a covered combo can be an effective strategy to capture options premium and increase the returns of an existing long position.

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