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What is Cardano ($ADA)?

Cardano ($ADA) was founded in 2015 by an Ethereum co-founder, Charles Hoskinson. It took 2 years in development and was released in 2017 for public use. The open source, decentralized network operates on a proof-of-stake consensus model, making it ideal for peer-to-peer decentralized transactions.

A part of the Cardano focus is providing a banking alternative. The network is given credit for being the main catalyst responsible for popularizing the concept of providing “banking for the unbanked” across the globe. Millions of individuals across the world have adopted the network upon learning about Cardano and its mission.

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Five Cardano ($ADA) principles

The Cardano network was established around five principles: People, purpose, technology, research and opportunity. The five principle pillars of the Cardano network come together to make up its complete mission, which is addressed through a variety of coordinated methods by the peer-to-peer blockchain network and decentralized project.

Comparisons with Cardano ($ADA) and other blockchains

The Cardano network is positioned as an alternative to Ethereum, as the network is known to scale the smart contract model, and does so while saving a tremendous amount of processing power and gas. $ADA has a strong focus on collective peer research also. Firstrade makes it possible for clients to buy $ADA with different options.


More particulars about Cardano ($ADA)

The Cardano ($ADA) ecosystem has been actively developed since its inception in 2015. $ADA founder Charles Hoskinson launched the blockchain network and cryptocurrency with a keen focus on development, peer research contributions, and public input with Cardano being an open-source network.

The decentralized financial application implications continue to make Cardano a subject of real-world blockchain solutions deployed through smart contract protocol. Cardano ($ADA) is live on Firstrade, enabling customers to buy Cardano and other cryptocurrencies.

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