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What is ApeCoin? ($APE)

ApeCoin is the native cryptocurrency is a utility token also used to facilitate governance in the APE ecosystem. The APE ecosystem has a focus set in metaverse development. The founding team behind the APE ecosystem development is Yuga Labs. The development team has had success in launching successful NFT brands that reached global recognition since their launch in 2021 - the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC).

The two BAYC and MAYC are two of the most recognized, and heavily traded NFT brands on the ethereum mainnet. The cryptocurrency associated with the brands and their ecosystems is the $APE cryptocurrency token.

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About ApeCoin token - $APE

$APE is the native cryptocurrency associated not only with the two brands, but the underlying company Yuga Labs, which is behind the NFT brands. ApeCoin’s $APE is a governance token for the decentralized ecosystem. New projects cultivated, developed and launched by, or in association with Yuga Labs are expected to be included in the $APE token governance model.

ApeCoin ($APE) was launched in March 2022, a year after the initial launch of the first Bored Ape Yacht Club in April of 2021. The ecosystem has seemingly taken time to develop its ecosystem organically, and continues that initiative by supporting DeFi projects which perpetuate Web3 development. Registered customers are able to buy ApeCoin ($APE) and several other cryptocurrencies available to buy and sell on Firstrade mobile and web cryptocurrency trading platform.

More about ApeCoin ($APE)

The greater vision of the ApeCoin community goes well beyond the art and design many have come to recognize the popular NFT brand by. Yuga Labs is directing its attention to cultivating further uses and adoption of Web 3.0, and metaverse worlds. NFTs happen to align with the metaverse virtual worlds as keys which can unlock various features and functionality within any given metaverse ecosystem, amongst other supposed use cases.

ApeCoin ($APE), and all associated ecosystems benefit from the further development of the overall Yuga Labs ecosystem, as the network asserts intentional effort and resources to further decentralization across industry lines through the intersection of the Web 3.0 space. Firstrade allows clients to buy and sell cryptocurrency including ApeCoin.

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