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What is Cosmos? ($ATOM)

The Cosmos network was initially started and hypothesized in 2014 by developers Jae Kwon and Ethan Buchman, when the pair were in the process of founding the Tendermint consensus software. Tendermint consensus algorithm would go on to become the software powering the Cosmos blockchain network that had yet to be developed. Assistance rendered by the Swiss-based non-profit organization, the Interchain Foundation (ICF), also aided in the work to successfully launch the network later in 2019.

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Cosmos network is built to be the internet of blockchains

Cosmos was built to be an “internet of blockchain networks.” Specifically, Cosmos aims to unite cryptocurrency projects as a network of decentralized blockchain networks, having payments and other efficient interoperability provided by means of the interconnection empowered by the Cosmos network protocol.

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Cosmos ($ATOM)

More about Cosmos ($ATOM)

The unique focus Cosmos places on other projects rather than its own, distinguishes it as a decentralized project. The Cosmos network strives to provide customization and interoperability, and therefore caters to the combined ecosystem inclusive of other tokens and communities. New projects enter this initial phase, named the Cosmos Hub. The unique focus on other projects allows the Cosmos network to implement shared data and tokens as a common point to increase the inherent interoperability of the network.

More about Cosmos efficiency

The fundamental Tendermint layer of the three-layer Cosmos network design allows for developers to easily code and join the Cosmos ecosystem without having to create the entire source code from scratch. This specification assists in adding increased flexibility and greater accessibility for developers of all experience levels.

About Cosmos cryptocurrency $ATOM

The $ATOM cryptocurrency is the native digital currency of the Cosmos blockchain network. $ATOM is the crypto token for the proof-of-stake consensus model. It is used in the validation process to support transaction processing on the independent blockchain network.

The top 100 $ATOM holders are given exclusive access to occupy as validators on the network with all remaining users able to assist by delegating to validator nodes on the Cosmos blockchain network.

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