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What is Basic Attention Token? ($BAT)

The Basic Attention Token was created to introduce a greater degree of transparency and candor to the digital marketing industry. Basic Attention Token ($BAT) does this through the use of the Brave decentralized web browser which is designed to track users attention and match organic interests with digital advertisers who are reported to have the ability to target more accurately in the unique ecosystem.

The decentralized project was built on the Ethereum mainnet and launched in 2021 by Brendan Eich, co-founder of Mozilla Firefox. The Basic Attention Token ($BAT) is the native cryptocurrency to the Brave network which implements the digital advertising strategy that also rewards the users within the network in addition to advertisers who achieve good results with targeting the proper users for their product or service.

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More about Basic Attention Token ($BAT) cryptocurrency

Basic Attention Token ($BAT) is used to incentivize digital marketers on the Brave Internet browser. When marketers achieve high view rates for digital campaigns, indicating effective targeting, they are rewarded for doing so. Users on the Brave browser are also rewarded in exchange for services and premium content on the Brave network.

1.5 billion Basic Attention Tokens ($BAT) make up the total supply, of which 100% is currently in circulation. Firstrade customers can obtain the most recent, helpful information before making a decision to buy Basic Attention Token on the cryptocurrency trading platform.


More about Basic Attention Token ($BAT)

Brave is designed to be a privacy-centered browsing experience. Brave browsers users not only keep the rights to all data used while engaged on the network, but also the ability to eliminate the information they do not want to receive in regards to advertising.

The positive spin exists where users also get to alternatively choose the information they are interested in. This creates an agreement between marketers and the users being streamed a limited amount of digital advertising.

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