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What is Enjin? ($ENJ)

Enjin ($ENJ) was first birthed several years ago as a company in 2009. The real-world corporation did not develop and refine its main blockchain focus until much later, and subsequently raised just short of $20 million dollars in their ICO (Initial Coin Offering) in 2017.

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About Enjin ($ENJ) decentralized ecosystem

Enjin refers to software that enables the creation, storage and transfer of digital assets, namely NFTs by individuals within and across gaming ecosystems. The Enjin network runs on the Ethereum blockchain, making the native token to the ecosystem - $ENJ, an ERC20 based cryptocurrency.

The value of $ENJ is derived from the assets which are created, stored, and transferred along the decentralized ecosystem. All digital assets existing in the Enjin network are given a value in $ENJ, which creates the volume reflected by the native digital currency on the open cryptocurrency market.

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More about Enjin ($ENJ)

Developing and building an ecosystem on the Enjin ($ENJ) network works by a unique, simple method. Developers first buy $ENJ tokens in the acquisition phase, and then design the in-game items within the development phase, during which $ENJ is attributed to their established value. In the gaming phase players obtain tokens and use them for gaming functions.

Trading in the Enjin ecosystem refers to the traditional meaning of tokens which are exchanged between users on the network. The final aspect of the Enjin ecosystem is called the melting phase, which refers to what happens when players sell their tokens for $ENJ. Tokenomics are also clear, as there is a limited supply of 1 billion $ENJ tokens that are in circulation.

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