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What is Filecoin (FIL)?

Filecoin is a decentralized storage and digital retrieval network and marketplace, developed to enhance decentralized web security and efficiency. The Filecoin native cryptocurrency is used within its collective ecosystem of utilities, while also serving as a digital payment method which can be used globally for low fees and efficient speeds.

Filecoin has been in existence for some time, having its initial launch and introduction to the public digital currency market sector in the year 2014. FIL is the token ticker used to designate the Filecoin cryptocurrency. FIL is used in the network storage, retrieval and hosting implementations as payment for these services, and also as an incentive to nodes to keep the network secure and functioning properly. The P2P network empowers individuals with the ability to dedicate broadband storage to the network in exchange for rewards in FIL. Registered customers are able to buy Filecoin ($FIL) and several other available cryptocurrencies on Firstrade cryptocurrency trading platform.

Registered users can learn more about Filecoin ($FIL), including the most recent live prices and specific steps on how to buy Filecoin, before making a decision to purchase or sell on Firstrade.

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More about Filecoin

The Filecoin network is built atop the widely popular InterPlanetary File System, a decentralized data storage and retrieval protocol used by several other cryptocurrency projects and decentralized innovations which require organized filing systems which don’t particularly require high speed data retrieval rates like in the case of live media streaming platforms.

Filecoin’s storage capabilities have been noted to be considerably larger than that of typical blockchain networks. Smaller bits of data are typically kept on blockchain networks, but in the case of Filecoin the ability for the network to store much larger data bits gives it a relatively distinct utility and use case.

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