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What is GALA?

GALA is a decentralized network which seeks to revolutionize the gaming industry through effective functionality and rewards incentives, made available through the blockchain environment. One of the main features for the Gala network is the data ownership model for all gamers on the platform. Gala games developed the decentralized platform beginning in 2019, to give players and game developers ownership and meaningful rewards for their time and energy exchange.

The platform was effectively built to reward the users and providers based on parameters built within the system. Players specifically own their own in-game asset used in play-to-earn games on the network. That asset is their own unique NFT and surrounding features and functions which are enhanced through continued play. This unique feature has seemed to add to the early popularity of the network, which has continued since its launch.

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Play to earn games

Play-to-earn games in the decentralized environment are games which reward users in exchange for their time in video game play. Different decentralized networks have varying rewards and incentive structures. Additionally, there are different styles of play-to-earn games ranging from metaverse iterations like the popular Decentraland, classic arcade style games, sports and entertainment based games, and many more types.


About GALA cryptocurrency

The native cryptocurrency associated with the Gala games network is the $GALA. GALA is used to buy assets needed for player NFTs, in-game items, upgrades within the games on the network, and other associated gaming functions. The GALA cryptocurrency token is also used in governance for Gala network decisions - affecting the future plans and development of the ecosystem as a whole.

GALA was launched with the unveiling of the network in 2020. Currently more than 1 million active users huddle around the Gala decentralized gaming platform to engage in P2E games that are billed to focus more on quality of game than anything else. Registered customers are able to buy GALA and many other available cryptocurrencies on Firstrade cryptocurrency trading platform.

More about GALA

The Gala network is built atop of the Ethereum network. Six rarity classes of common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary and ancient make up the NFT classifications available to participants on the Gala network. Five free-to-play games were designated as the initial games of focus for the network, which gives users the ability to launch and play from anywhere in the world access is granted.

GALA is traded on the open cryptocurrency market and is consistently in the top 75 cryptocurrencies available for trade globally. Firstrade cryptocurrency platform allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrency.

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