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About The Graph ($GRT)

The Graph decentralized project is an indexing protocol used to query decentralized networks. Blockchain information is able to be coded into the network as subgraphs, in order to organize it and make it retrievable globally through the interoperable API.

The indexing and querying protocol is trusted by major Ethereum brands like AAVE, Curve and Uniswap. Advances are being made regularly to The Graph network. One of the advances in development for the network is encrypted data storage and retrieval. The Graph network plans to make encrypted data retrieval accessible to consumers on the user end of The Graph decentralized network going forward.

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The Graph network token

The associated cryptocurrency to The Graph decentralized project, is its native network token $GRT. The $GRT token is identified as a type of filecoin used in the data network indexing and querying processes.

Additionally, The Graph token, $GRT, is used to validate on the decentralized network, with positions also open for delegators who add $GRT to validator nodes. Nodes (a type of computer) work to index and query as required and designated by the network demand.

The Graph ($GRT) is an Ethereum-based token. Registered customers can learn about The Graph prices and relevant price information and buy and sell $GRT on Firstrade cryptocurrency trading platform.


More about The Graph ($GRT)

The Graph was founded and launched in 2018 by Brandon Ramirez, Jannis Pohlmann and Yaniv Tal. The network is an open-source protocol, making it accessible to anyone in the public sector. The Graph gathers various blockchain data and organizes it into subgraphs, and the information is then made available for rapid retrieval by any authorized application which requests the information from the network.

The Graph was developed to be a superior data querying network for individuals, and a superior indexing network on the back-end for commercial interests. The founders have led many notable fundraising campaigns since the project and token launch.

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