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What is Maker? ($MKR)

Maker ($MKR) is a cryptocurrency that is associated with the MakerDAO decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) community. The Protocol was created by a group of developers, and is governed by the MakerDAO community.

Maker ($MKR) holders are able to take part in governance of the network through the PoS (proof-of-stake) consensus implemented within the network design. The Maker ($MKR) is one of the largest decentralized applications (DApps) on the Ethereum mainnet, and notably, one of the first decentralized governance models to be considered completely successful, as Maker ($MKR) is one of the most active DeFi ecosystems on Ethereum.

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More about Maker ($MKR)

Being one of the longest standing projects on Ethereum, Maker ($MKR) was initially theorized and conceived in 2015. The governance token was developed by Denmark scientist and entrepreneur Rune Christensen.

Governance within Maker’s ecosystem is done through an automated process online. Token holders are able to login directly to the Maker ($MKR) governance platform where they’re able to set up their unique wallet connection and vote on topics and decisions as they are posted in the online forum. In order to vote, holders with governance lock MKR tokens during the vote submission process.

Maximum supply of the MKR token is just over 1 million, the great majority of which are in active circulation. Maker decentralized network is heavily visited and utilized, making the $MKR token one of the most traded digital assets, consistently ranked in the top 60-100 cryptocurrencies based on daily trade volume.

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