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What is Tezos? ($XTZ)

Tezos is a decentralized blockchain network designed to be an easily-programmable, fundamental decentralized protocol for developers and coders to build on. The Tezos network was launched in 2018. Its native cryptocurrency is used in network functions, which include a unique governance system that sets new standards by seeking to include users in its design.

The Tezos network is referred to as an evolving network. Users on the Tezos network are incentivized for their participation in the core development process. Fundamental aspects built into the Tezos foundational design are kept intact by the code in place, but as Tezos users interact within the Tezos decentralized ecosystem, they are able to make adjustments and modifications as they see fit for more efficient use.

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About Tezos cryptocurrency - TEZ, or $XTZ

The native cryptocurrency to the Tezos network is known as TEZ, and identified by its ticker $XTZ. TEZ is used in all network functions conducted within the Tezos decentralized ecosystem. Tezos digital currency TEZ ($XTZ) is used in network validation. Any TEZ holder is able to delegate tokens to a Tezos baker in order to join in the validation process on the network.


More about Tezos ($XTZ)

A dispute between the President and co-founders of the intellectual property rights of the Tezos network delayed the launch of the Tezos network until 2018. Before the launch was finally made public, the organization received several lawsuits from investors to receive their portion of the $232 million USD of funds that were raised in 2017 by the network. They were able to get through and fulfill the high hopes early holders had in the independent blockchain network.

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