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What is Fantom? ($FTM)

Fantom is a decentralized blockchain network developed to be a scalable solution for applications used by large enterprises. The Fantom network is seen as an alternative to the Ethereum network. The network is able to support the EVM-based smart protocol used by the Ethereum network, with expanded protocol interoperability.

The native cryptocurrency of the Fantom network is the Fantom token, mostly recognized by its token designation symbol $FTM. Fantom uses a hybrid consensus mechanism for transaction validation needs on the network. One of the active models is a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, whereby validators and delegators dedicate token allocations in order to take part in powering the network and keeping the fast transaction speeds going along it.

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More about Fantom ($FTM)

The Fantom network differs from other similar decentralized networks in that the permissionless, proof-of-stake design allows for a virtually unlimited number of nodes to join the network as fellow validators. The network only sets a limit of 1,000,000 million tokens designated by any individual node.

The decentralized network Fantom functions as is known as Fantom Opera, and the underlying consensus mechanism is unique and a combination of three methods actually. Another notable feature of the Fantom network is that it is also an open-source network, giving any and everyone the ability to view, modify, and use the code for their own development needs.

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