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Generating Income With Options

Top Covered Call Strategies

In today’s low-interest-rate environment, many investors are looking for income. Options can be a viable strategy to that end, and OIC discusses how investors can generate income from stocks they already own or plan to purchase with a covered-call strategy.

What Are Covered Combinations?

A covered combination doesn’t aim just to generate income with options, because it can also help the disciplined investor find the best time to make the right move. The combination consists of a covered call (long underlying and short a call) - as well as a short put on the same underlying. The strategy can be useful for the investor who not only has a neutral to bullish outlook, but is also open to the idea of owning additional shares of the underlying should the market pull back.

How To Trade Put Options

Options are versatile products. While they can be instruments to hedge against market risk, they can also be used to generate income or to acquire stock at pre-determined levels based on the strike price. In this one-hour session, we’ll take a look at put options as vehicles that can help you achieve your investment goals – and we’ll also take a look at risk/reward approaches to your investing.

Options Trading Tools

Investing can be a challenge – and investors of every ability level are always looking to optimize returns. For our first webinar in 2015, OIC will analyze and explain the different trading tools offered at www.optionseducation.org. We’ll take a look at the Position Simulator, volatility charts, option calculators and other free utilities that can help investors with their market research.

Income Generation: 3 Ways

In today’s low-interest-rate environment, investors and traders are looking everywhere for income-generating strategies. OIC reviews three conservative options strategies that can help you generate income from stocks or ETFs you already own.

Trading a Cash-Secured Put Options Strategy

Wouldn't it be nice if you generated income while waiting for the price of a stock you want to buy to come down? With a cash secured put, that's exactly what you can do. Learn how to trade a cash secured put as a strategy to buy a stock at your preferred price.

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