Options Guide

Beginners Guide to Options

As Firstrade’s guide to buying options, we bring you these three beginner videos on options, covered calls, and equity collars, presented by the Options Industry Council (OIC). This video explains options trading in a way that will deepen your understanding of these key concepts.

Covered Calls

Want to generate income from the stocks you already own? You can increase your returns – without increasing downside risk – with a covered call. In this Beginner's Guide To Options video, you’ll learn about covered call options as an investment strategy.

Long Call

If you’re an investor with an optimistic view of a stock, index or ETF – but you’re looking to invest with less money at risk, you might want to examine a long-call strategy. In this Beginner's Guide To Options video, you'll learn the basics of a long call strategy.

Protective Put

Learn how protective put strategies can help protect you from a market that looks like trouble ahead. If you think your investments could see a temporary downturn, but don’t want to sell them, you could consider a protective put. In this Beginner's Guide To Options video, you'll learn about protective puts as an investment strategy.

After you've watched our beginner's guide to opions, watch Managing Volatility Videos next! When you’re ready to start trading and investing, complete the Firstrade online application to open an account with us today.

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