Enjoy lower pricing and maximum value when using Firstrade as your discount broker.

Stocks Online Market Orders and Limit Orders* $2.95/Trade
Unlimited Shares
Options Online Market Orders and Limit Orders* $2.95/Trade + $0.50/Contract
No Minimum
Mutual Funds No Transaction Fee Free
No-Load Funds $9.95
Load Funds Free
Fixed Income Treasury Bills, Notes & Bonds Net Yield Basis
Municipal Bonds Net Yield Basis
Agency Bonds Net Yield Basis
Zeros & Strips Net Yield Basis
Primary Market CDs $30
Secondary Market CDs Net Yield Basis
Net Yield Basis means Firstrade acts as principal whereby the bonds will be subject to a markup or markdown.
Broker-Assisted Orders Stocks/ETFs $19.95
Options $19.95 + $0.50/contract
Load Funds No Charge
No-Load Funds $19.95

*For orders where the stock price is under $1.00, add 1/2 cent per share for the entire order. For commission purposes, limit orders executed over multiple days will be treated as separate orders.

Please read the "Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options" before you apply for option privileges. Option assignment and exercise fee is $14.95. Two-legged complex option orders are charged a single commission but contract fees are charged on each leg.

A Short Term Redemption Fee of $19.95 will be applied to redemptions of mutual fund shares held less than 90 days. Broker-Assisted redemptions will incur a charge of $19.95. Transaction Minimums: Initial Investment - $500 / Additional Investments - $100. Redemptions of less than $500 will incur a $19.95 fee, unless the entire value of that fund is less than $500. For mutual funds transferred to Firstrade, the 90 day holding period will begin when the account transfer process is complete.