• Screeners

    Create stock, mutual fund and ETF screens and choose from dozens of screening criteria.

  • Real-time results

    Dynamic screener results appear in real time.

Stocks, Options, ETF and Mutual Fund Screeners

Narrow down your investment choices and save time by screening them. Enter your investment criteria and have our system locate possible positions for your portfolio.

Sort the market on your terms and find the investment products you are looking for.

Screen Easily and Quickly

Choose the asset type you want screened (the screener works with both stocks and ETFs) then pick from dozens of screening criteria to help you narrow down your choices. The stock option screener is fully integrated with the Order Entry Bar to make screening and subsequent buying easy.

Advanced Sorting

Save your criteria choices for future reference instead of recreating your search on every visit.

Dynamic Screening

Get up-to-the-minute information and instant results

Types of Screeners

  • Stock Screener

    Screen stocks by market capitalization, sectors, revenue, dividend growth, and the newly added Moringstar rating.

  • ETF Screener

    Search ETFs with more criteria including fund family, fund size, performance history, Morningstar rating and risk.

  • Mutual Fund Screener

    Automatically filter over 10,000 mutual funds by fund family, minimum purchase, returns, ratings and more.

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