Firstrade Securities Signs with Trillium Surveyor for Trade Surveillance
June 07, 2019

Trillium, a proprietary trading and trading technology company, announced today that Firstrade Securities, a leading online investment firm, will now use Trillium’s Surveyor platform for trade surveillance.

“The goal for a growing firm like Firstrade is to keep the compliance team nimble, valuing accuracy,” said Bailey Kessing, Business Development at Trillium – “Surveyor is well suited to assist firms in meeting those objectives.”

As regulatory oversight of trading practices and market manipulation has increased, an efficient, cutting-edge trade surveillance platform like Surveyor is crucial for proprietary trading firms and broker dealers to demonstrate to regulators and customers that the firm takes its trade surveillance obligations seriously.

“There are a number of trade surveillance vendors that address manipulation, but we needed one that would save us time,” said Jackie Lee, SVP, Compliance Officer at Firstrade Securities – “Trillium Surveyor was chosen as the partner that would increase efficiency for the compliance team as our electronic trading business continues to grow.”

Surveyor is the only trade surveillance software that qualifies alerts using full depth-of-book market data. Competing software vendors just use top of book data, missing real market manipulation and producing useless false positives.

More information on Surveyor is available here.

About Trillium

Trillium is a diversified financial services firm operating two business lines: Trillium Trading, a proprietary intraday trading group and Trillium Labs, a trading technology development group and the creator of Surveyor, a post trade analytics and market surveillance tool designed to detect and eliminate market manipulation. Trillium is headquartered in New York City, with trading floors in Chicago, and Miami. For additional information, please visit

- Source: Yahoo Finance