Firstrade Releases More Powerful App for Active Traders
June 30, 2020

(New York) June 30, 2020 - Active traders can now manage their investments and make trades with greater speed and efficiency thanks to just-launched upgrades to Firstrade's mobile app for iOS devices. Traders also benefit from zero commissions on all stocks, ETFs, options and mutual funds. In addition, all options trading have no contract, exercise or assignment fees.

The Firstrade app 3.3 is available for iOS devices today with an Android version coming soon.

The enhanced app introduces a new design and several innovations that greatly improve trading workflows and account management. The upgrades incorporate some of the most popular features of Firstrade's desktop trading platform, optimized for a smaller screen. These include advanced tools for options traders wanting to use more sophisticated investing strategies.

The update also features new charts and improvements to existing modules that provide a consolidated view of all relevant data to a trader's position and allows easier access to commonly used tools and account management features.

Key upgrades include:

Seamless Portfolio Dashboard and New Watchlist Interface Design upgrades provide for enhanced account management by consolidating and simplifying user information:

  • Users can now view more holdings at once with minimized indices feature.
  • Account funding shortcut and new pie chart enable users to more easily view a complete picture of their portfolio.
  • Horizontal scrolling allows users to view all data in one consolidated positions table, mirroring the Firstrade desktop experience.
  • Contextual action menu provides fast, customizable access to research and trading.

Faster, Smarter Complex Options Trading Options trading is reimagined with new design and features to make trading easier and more efficient:

  • View calls, puts and additional data points, all on the same screen.
  • Click on bid/ask to instantly add options to the new order basket. Edit and keep track of selections instantaneously.
  • New Risk/Reward Profile provides a view to potential maximum gain or loss on the order summary screen.
  • Intuitive app now finds the correct combinations of a chosen strategy to quickly and easily close complex options positions with no need to select each leg separately.
  • Change the quantity and net price of open complex options orders on the fly with new Quick Edit feature and skip the Review screen to react instantly to market fluctuations.

"As investors spend more time on their mobile devices, they require greater functionality in the app. Our updated solutions make trading and portfolio management even more seamless and user-friendly than ever," said John Liu, chairman and CEO of Firstrade Securities, Inc.

"Firstrade has always been at the forefront in providing customers with the advanced technology and benefits they need to compete on a level playing field with no barriers to entry. We were the first online brokerage to introduce zero-commission trading and our early investments in infrastructure to ensure interruption-free service have proved prescient during the recent extremes in market volatility. We will continue to invest in technology upgrades to ensure that our customers are given the best possible advantages in trading execution and portfolio management," added Liu.

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