Firstrade Launches FirstradeGPT
First-of-its-kind tool equips Firstrade investors with advanced, AI-driven analysis and actionable market insights
June 20, 2024

NEW YORK, June 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Firstrade, a pioneer in commission-free online trading, today announced the launch of FirstradeGPT. FirstradeGPT is an advanced research and analysis offering for everyday investors; an AI tool trained on in-depth data on global equities and business-specific KPIs, empowering investors to make faster and more informed financial decisions.

The FirstradeGPT tool provides all Firstrade clients with access to AI-driven insights, research, in-depth analysis, and data visualization enabling them to streamline their investment research and find their trade ideas faster. Firstrade is the first U.S. broker dealer to partner with, offering investors institutional-quality data that's been verified by human equity analysts.

FirstradeGPT delivers financial insights that are crucial for self-directed investors looking to research or find investment ideas and compete with the pros. Firstrade users can now access advanced algorithms that analyze financial data, offer in-depth investment insights, and market analysis including analyst estimates.

"AI will rapidly transform the entire investing landscape, and we believe investors will continue to leverage these advancements in their daily trading activities. Our team is excited to lead this adoption curve and will commit to expanding our resources and tools in this arena to further enable our customers to make better, faster, and more informed trading decisions," said Don Montanaro, President of Firstrade. "Our launch of FirstradeGPT underscores our commitment to enhancing AI services for retail traders, and we will relentlessly focus on delivering impactful AI technology in the months ahead. This technology is still new, but institutional traders are making use of it, so we feel responsible to arm Firstrade's self-directed retail traders with a competitive capability as early as possible, even as the tech continues to rapidly evolve."

FirstradeGPT features available to Firstrade clients include:

  • Detailed Company Analysis: FirstradeGPT provides exclusive features like "Segments" and "KPIs" to break down a company's revenue and performance in ways not available elsewhere. This includes specific prompts to extract detailed information about business segments, key performance indicators, and historical data.

  • Robust Financial Data: While not giving investment advice, the tool generates analyst estimates for stock prices, revenue, EPS, and other financial metrics, helping investors with one data-deduced view of the future as they anticipate market trends and make their own strategic investing and trading decisions.

  • Beginner-Friendly Tools: The "Related Questions" feature suggests additional queries that users might not have considered, enhancing and speeding the research and trading idea discovery experience for both new and experienced investors. Learning progresses conversationally and accelerates intuitively, thanks to FirstradeGPT.

  • Data Visualization: FirstradeGPT's users can now instantly discover and visualize complex data through easily comprehensible charts and graphs, making it simpler to identify trends and compare companies at a glance.

  • Advanced Financial Language Processing: FirstradeGPT is specialized in financial terminology, ensuring more accurate and relevant responses compared to general-purpose AI tools.

  • Enhanced Customer Engagement and Satisfaction: By offering FirstradeGPT, Firstrade seeks to dramatically improve the customer experience, offering a cutting-edge tool hosting more interactive, insightful and tailored financial discussions. This reinforces Firstrade's long-running commitment to applying the latest technologies to benefit its customers.

"Firstrade has been a true pioneer in this space and is once again pushing innovation forward for the benefit of Firstrade clients," said Braden Dennis, CEO, "We are honored to be working with Firstrade to bring this technology to every type of investor."

FirstradeGPT is available on both the Firstrade mobile app and web trading platform. For more information about Firstrade and FirstradeGPT, please visit our website.



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*FirstradeGPT is an artificial intelligence investment research tool powered by via various generative large language models offered by unaffiliated firms including OpenAI and Anthropic. The information provided by FirstradeGPT is for reference only and should not be construed as financial advice, investment research, or recommendations to buy or sell a security. Firstrade Technology, LLC ("Firstrade") shall not be liable for any use of FirstradeGPT.

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