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Explore options trading strategies and get professional analytics and actionable insights

Professional-grade options analytics made for all types of investors

Firstrade's Options Wizard provides you instant feedback on the value and likelihood of success of any options trades that you are considering.

Our sophisticated analytics transforms market data into actionable information, helping you formulate the best options strategies. Open a personal investment account at Firstrade to get started today!

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Check1-month/6-month trend indicators
CheckSupport/resistance levels
CheckProprietary OptionsPlay Score
Check 65+ technical indicators
Check Technical/fundamental rankings
Check Profit and loss simulations
Check 40+ complex options strategies
Options Trading Made Simple

Compare any three trading strategies for any stock with ease. The proprietary OptionsPlay Score makes it simple to evaluate the risk and reward, probability of profit, and breakeven price for any trade. Build complex orders instantly and validate the trade using the strategy checklist.


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