Fixed Income

Hedge your account with municipal and corporate bonds, CDs and Fixed Income Securities.

Why Fixed Products?

Fixed income investments offer long-term stability while generating higher returns than a traditional savings account. This makes them ideal for retirement accounts, short-term savings and as a diversification tool in any portfolio.

Fixed income investment products are an important part of many portfolios. Their opportunities for use are diverse and can help investors by:

  • Acting as a hedge against market volatility and downside risk.
  • Creating a low-risk safe haven for those investors with a low tolerance for risk.
  • Providing a method of portfolio diversification.
  • Allowing for a guaranteed return for short-term savings.
  • Delivering a means to preserve retirement assets once an investor reaches retirement age.
Available Products
  • Secondary Market CDs
  • Treasury Bills, Notes & Bonds
  • Primary Market CDs
  • Municipal Bonds
  • Zeros & Strips
  • Agency Bonds and more

Fixed Income Quick Search

Our quick and easy search feature so you can find the safe fixed income investment products that fit your goals allowing you to streamline the process of diversifying your account.

Quick View from the Account Dashboard

All of your fixed income positions will show up on your Account Dashboard so you can easily measure their affect on your account and determine whether they are delivering the safety and return that you were looking for.