Options Traders Opt in to Firstrade’s Free Commission Options Trading and Free Options Contracts
November 27, 2018

New York, November 27, 2018 - Experienced options traders can now trade options without considering any cost from Firstrade. Recently, Firstrade eliminated its commissions for options trading and options contracts and is the first company to also offer free trading on stocks, ETFs and mutual funds.

Options may not be for everyone, however, and carry a high risk. Firstrade requires a certain level of experience before investing in options. New and experienced options traders can visit the Firstrade site and learn how to invest through free educational videos, tutorials and bi-weekly options education webinars.

Firstrade Options trading highlights include:

  • No commission and no contract fees.
  • Lightning fast 0.1 second order executions.
  • Fast and seamless auto-fill function for orders, advanced research and up-to-date educational resources about options trading.
  • Firstrade’s Options Wizard provides instant feedback on the value and likelihood of success of any options trade that an investor is considering. Options Wizard provides sophisticated analytics that transform market data into actionable information that helps investors formulate the best options strategies.
  • More options strategies: Up to four levels of advanced options strategies, such as Level 2 (buy/sell puts and calls), Level 3 (complex option, spreads and straddles) and Level 4 (sell naked put).
  • Access to weekly and monthly contracts.
  • Real time options data and ease of use options chains.

Learn about Firstrade’s free options trading at https://www.firstrade.com/trading/options

About Firstrade Securities

Firstrade is a leading online brokerage offering a full line of investment products and tools to help self-directed investors take control of their financial future. Since its founding in 1985, Firstrade has worked to provide high value and quality services to our customers. Combining proprietary trading technology, a highly intuitive user interface, outstanding customer service and mobility applications, Firstrade is a comprehensive solution for all of your investing needs. Whether you are a new investor or an active trader, at Firstrade, we are committed to excellence, and putting the investor first. For the fifth year in a row, Firstrade was awarded 4.5 stars out of five for the website’s ease of use and also received 4.5 stars for its commissions and fees by StockBrokers.com 2018 Online Broker Review. Firstrade was selected by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance as one of the best online brokers of 2018 and was additionally honored as Best for ETF Investors and Best for Bond Investors. For more information, visit https://www.firstrade.com.