Alert - Beware of impostors!

Firstrade Securities Inc., a securities firm operating in New York City in the United States, with licenses in all 50 states in the USA. Firstrade Securities Inc.‘s license and credentials can be verified through the official FINRA website in the USA. (

The history and goodwill earned by Firstrade has made it a target of scammers claiming to be a branch or country representative of Firstrade. These impostors have registered domain names that are similar to FIRSTRADE.COM, used Firstrade’s trademark and content, and even posted ads on Facebook to solicit customers. Firstrade Securities Inc. is in no way associated with these illegal domains and websites. Their actions and apparent intent is to conduct a campaign of fraud on unsuspecting victims.

  • Our official website is Please note the SSL verified signature and the "lock" icon on the domain confirming that it is secure and owned by Firstrade Securities, Inc.
  • The official Firstrade Facebook page carries an official verification badge (blue checkmark) confirming that it has been verified by Facebook as an authentic presence for the major public figure, media company or global brand it represents. fb_verifiedbadge fb_verifiedbadge2
  • Please contact Firstrade only through official channels ( and verified social media accounts.

    The only way to open an account with Firstrade no matter where you are located is through Firstrade accepts brokerage account applications from international users only through For more information about international accounts:
  • Firstrade will never ask for your personal or financial information on social media or through an individual or agent claiming to represent Firstrade. We DO NOT use WhatsApp or other social media channels to ask for customers’ personal or bank information.
  • Please report any fraudulent pages you may encounter to Facebook.
  • Firstrade does not provide investment advisory services. If you come across any website or social media page that claims to offer Firstrade advisory services, or if you are approached by an individual claiming to be a Firstrade investment advisor, please report this fraudulent activity to

Firstrade prides itself on its care and service to its customers—if you have received solicitation or believe an impostor has used Firstrade’s name and trademark in any illegal activities, please report the incident to us at

Latest Scam Alert:

July 2020 – Fake website
Firstrade has noted the launch of an international campaign by a scammer named “”. Please note the extra R. Other domains they are using are “” and “” and could be using new variations as they are caught. They have fraudulently, and without authorization, used Firstrade’s trademark and intellectual property (logo, website content and promotional materials). These impostors have begun to solicit in Malaysia—asking unsuspecting parties to send them money using WhatsApp. Their use of similar names and materials are intentionally designed to make victims believe they are interacting with Firstrade. Please be aware of these individuals and if you believe you have been victimized, please contact your local government agency right away.

June - July 2020 – Fake Facebook ads
Impostors have used Facebook ads to target the public, below are sample ads. Please note none of the fake Firstrade Facebook pages have the clickable blue verified badge.

May 2020 – WhatsApp call - We do NOT have a branch nor local representative in your country.

fake1 fake2