Security Highlights

Security Highlights

Is my Firstrade account affected by the Heartbleed Exploit?

The Heartbleed exploit is a vulnerability in the way your browser talks to a website over an encrypted channel. An attacker could theoretically take advantage of the bug to unravel the secure channels used by banks, e-commerce sites and other sensitive locations to steal passwords and other sensitive information.

Upon the announcement of the exploit, Firstrade engineers immediately performed an audit of our web servers and determined that all of the servers processing sensitive customer information are not susceptible. Although your data is secure with us we urge you to read up on this topic as your information may have been compromised on other sites. Click here for more information on this critical exploit.

Use this tool to check if the sites you use are vulnerable:

Check a website's vulnerability
Enroll in Paperless

Enroll in Paperless Statement Delivery

Paper statements can be lost or stolen while electronic statements and trade confirmations can be accessed securely on Maintain your financial documents in a secure location, and carefully dispose of any documents that contain financial or other confidential information.