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Welcome to Firstrade's stock trading terms glossary. Do all the research you want. Use this glossary to look up any financial term.

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An unaudited financial report submitted every quarter to the SEC by public companies, revealing the company's financials and other relevant information.

A audited report of a corporation's year-end financial results and operations filed annually with the SEC. The report contains information related to the company's financial situation, legal liabilities and future plans. Shareholders may obtain a free copy of the 10K from the corporation.

The standard IRS form for individual tax returns.

12b-1 Fee
A mutual fund expense levied to help reimburse a fund's sponsor for distribution costs and commissions.

30-Day Wash Rule
IRS rule prohibiting a taxpayer from realizing a loss on an investment then repurchasing the same investment within 30 days after the sale date.  This rule discourages investors from selling at a loss for the tax benefit.

52-Week Hi/Lo
The highest and lowest prices a security was traded in the past year.

529 Savings Plan
State-operated plan allowing individuals to save for college by making tax-advantaged contributions to an investment account.

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