Investment Glossary

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Yellow Sheets

Wholesale quote sheets for corporate bonds used by dealers.

Yield (Bond)

The interests earned on a bond investment. If the security was bought on the primary market, the yield will be equal to the interest rate. If the bond was acquired on the secondary market, the yield could be higher or lower depending whether the bond was bought at a premium or discount to face value.

Yield (Stock)

The annual rate of return on a stock as paid in dividends, calculated by dividing the latest dividend rate by the latest closing price, expressed as a percentage.

Yield Curve

This is a graph showing the yields for different bond maturities.

Yield Elbow

The point on the yield curve that indicates the year at which the economy's highest interest rates occur.

Yield to Call

The percentage rate of a callable bond or note if one were to buy and hold the security until the next available call date.

Yield to maturity

The yield received by the holder of a debt security at maturity, taking into account any gain or loss of principal.