Investment Glossary

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A company's debt expressed as a percentage of its equity capital.

General Obligation (GO) Bond

A municipal bond backed by the full taxing power of the issuing municipality.

Ginnie Mae

See Government National Mortgage Association.

Good Delivery

Securities delivered to the broker from the seller, properly endorsed to be delivered to the buyer.

Good 'Til-Canceled (GTC)

An order that remains open until it is either executed or canceled.


The intangible asset of a company, such as a strong brand name or reputation.


See Government National Mortgage Association.

Government Bond

Debt security issued by the U.S. government.

Government National Mortgage Association (GNMA)

A government corporation that provides primary mortgages through bond issuances. Its securities are called Ginnie Maes.

Gross Profit

The net sales before tax minus cost of sales.

Growth and Income Funds

Mutual funds that invest in companies whose earnings are expected to grow, sacrificing some future profits in order to provide current income.

Growth Stock

Stock of a company in an emerging young industry.


See Good 'Til Canceled.