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The key to an effective portfolio is to manage your order entry, to buy and sell at the right time and to leverage positions and market movement. Conditional orders allow you this flexibility and opportunity.

Conditional Orders

Completely Control Conditional Orders

Creating automatic sell and buy instructions for advanced trading order types allows your portfolio to automatically submit orders at your discretionary requirements without you having to watch the market all day.

Create Detailed Trailing Stops

Not all conditional orders are based on a set price at which to sell---some investors want to sell their positions when they show indications of being over or undervalued by the market. Trailing stops are a type of conditional trade order that allow you to set the criteria for your trailing stops easily and effectively.

Complex Option Strategies

Utilize Complex Option Strategies

Options aren't always about simple puts and calls. Sometimes, complex options are used as an investment strategy. Firstrade makes it easy for investors to create Spreads and Straddles.